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The Back Pack, Super Sluice Kit: Improved design ! ORDER
Width-280mm x Height-280mm x Length-1000mm (approx.)

This portable "Back Pack" Kit, is the smallest in our range, this size is designed for a maximum rock size of up to 75 mm (3 inch) in diameter, the gravel is to be shoveled into the baffle box.

This sluices has a GOLD retention of down to 40 micron of Gold (eg. 1000 micron = 1mm), that is at least 95%+ recovery for FINE gold, this sluice has also been tested for Gems and Diamonds with the same recovery when set-up correctly !

An IMPORTANT design feature is, if you Run out of Fuel for the motor and you were working a High Yielding area, by simply Removing the Baffle box, you have now Converted the "Super sluice" into a "RIVER Sluice", setting it up in the water flow properly is obviously important !!!

If your back is too old to shovel, it's easy to convert this sluice to a dredge, a Dredge Conversion for this Sluice costs $450, the conversion includes some of these parts.

NB: As it is legal to dredge in some areas, this convertible kit may best suit your needs.

For Freight purposes this kit is shipped in TWO boxes and is calculated on the Cubic Weight not the actual weight as follows;

The Main kit boxed is, 30cmx35cmx105cm=.28 m3 (actual weight is approx. 10kg)

The standard 2 stroke 1.4 hp engine boxed is .11m3 (30x30x50) (actual weight is approx. 4kg)

The Honda 4 stroke 2.5 hp engine boxed is .37 m3 (50x50x60) (actual weight is approx. 8kg)

Some of the specifications may change for this Kit.
The Kit contents: (28 items)

1x Motor and pump. (2 stroke, 79dBA)

1x Spark Plug remover & Handle.

1x Header box (Bolts, Washers and Wing Nuts)

1x Tray for header box (Removable, for easy cleaning Gold)

2x Ribbed Rubber mats (assembled in Header Box)

1x Power Jet assembly.

1x Super sluice.

1x 10mt 25mm (*) Collapsible hi-pressure hose.

1x 15mt 25mm (*) Collapsible hi-pressure hose.

1x 300mm Anti kink hose. (Pump Hi-pressure leader hose)

1x 1.5mt Foot valve hose. (From water source to pump)

1x Foot valve. (Double filter for water pickup)

2x Hose fittings & clamps. (Anti kink leader hose)

2x Hose fittings & clamps. (Foot valve Vacuums hose)

4x Hose fittings & clamps. (Collapsible pressure hose)

1x Set of Assembly & Operating instructions.

Total kit weight: 14Kg or *19kg (approx. inc Motor)

Type: 2 Stroke motor.

Power: 1.4 horse power.

Pump Housing: Reinforced Fibreglass.

Impeller: Reinforced Fibreglass.

Type: Self prime.

Total Head: 35mt.

Suction Head: 7mt max.

Discharge Capacity: 150 litres/minute (max)

Weight: 3.7Kg (approx.)

 Motor-2 *upgrade to 50mm system.

Type: 4 Stroke Honda motor.

Power: 2.5 horse power.

Pump Housing: Aluminium.

Impeller: Aluminium.

Type: Self prime.

Total Head: 40mt.

Suction Head: 8mt max.

Discharge Capacity: 240 litres/minute (max)

Weight: 8.9 Kg (approx.)

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