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The Big Brother, Super Sluice: (the largest of our sluices) ORDER
Width-635mm, Height-400mm, Length-1600mm (approx.)

"The Big Brother" super sluice, is GREAT for collecting GOLD when incoperated  into a Commercial processing plant that can processes up to 30 cubic metres of Gross Material per hour (depending on Gravel), that is to say, that after the removal of material from, Grisley  Bars, Tummel and the , it can be set up as a single "Gravel concentrator" or a "Dredge" (the sluice below has had a Dredge CONVERSION, made for a Mining company), we manufacture several sizes to suit your requirements.

After the first Independent Mining company tested our super sluice, they are now being used by more and more professional prospectors and commercial mining companies using our sluices in either single or in multiple finger setup. We now installed and trained mining staff on how to use our sluices.

NB: In short, we can boast of an amazing 95%+ recovery for fine GOLD & GEMS, that is by far the best recovery of any system on the market today. A recent mining company has just finished testing with our Big Brother Super sluice for Diamond, so far parliamentary tests are very exciting showing over 95+% recovery of Diamonds also.

Click Here to see, How to Convert a sluice into a Dredge or simply used as it was designed !

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