1030 Efco, motor and pump

This motor and pump is one of the smallest, lightest and most powerful motor and pump combination currently available in Australia. It has a Heat-Treated drive shaft, chrome cylinder, forged-steel drive shaft and connecting rod.
 The Motor:
Type: 2 stroke motor.
Size:  30.5cc.
Power: 1.1 horse power.
Ignition: Electronic.
Air Filter: Two stage.
Carburettor: Float type.
Fuel: 4% Mixture (25:1)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.20 litres (105 minutes work cycle on a full tank).
Anti-vibration system: Yes.
 The Pump:
Housing: Reinforced fibreglass.
Impeller: Reinforced fibreglass.
Type: Self-Priming, centrifugal.
Max. Head: 35mt.
Max. Vacuum Head: 7mt.
Max. Discharge Capacity: 150 litres per minute.
 Weight of Motor and Pump set: 3.7Kg (dry)
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